A High School Lesson Plan (PG version)

Below is a lesson plan for our old high school English teacher, Tim Huminski. To give him variety, we’ve written a PG version, and R-rated version, soon to follow.

Hey class, it’s T. You might even say it’s T time. Hahaha. But for real this class is a ball full of fun. If fun was a disease you would all test positive for a case of fun. Now before any of you rascals run to the rampaging room where the nurse is (alliteration) and you complain you got a third degree burn in your fun zone, let me tell you that fun is not a threat to your health in any way! Well, I sure hope not! Just kidding. Anyways, we’re here today to talk about practice. Jk, you’ve all seen that video where the guy talks about practice hehehe.

We’re actually here to talk about poetry. Or more accurately, talk with poetry. I still remember all the late night conversations I spent with poetry, sharing my fears, concerns, hopes. Sometimes it felt like poetry is my only friend! So for our assignment you will each receive a different poem. You will spend ten minutes reading it, analysing it, and understanding it. Then you will become the poem. Pretty crazy, right? Don’t give me that look Sarah. Unfurrow those eyebrows! Classic Sarah. This is going to be awesome. Trust me. You will get in small groups and work on a dialogue where you each play a character that embodies the poem you just read. These characters will perform a monologue (in dialogue form) in classic Shakesperean meter to demonstrate the themes we just read from Camus’ The Stranger. 

Each poem you will be given is actually the lyrics from a Radiohead song. You may find yourself with a song from In Rainbows, or in Hail to the Thief or maybe a really underground live track that hasn’t been recorded for a studio album. The fun is in the discovery! So now, let’s begin. 


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