The Unabomber’s Effect on the Food Truck Industry



This post is about a man whose actions are generally regarded as heinous, and specifically regarded as extremely heinous. The man in question, and also in answer, is none other than the Unabomber. The Unabomber, dubbed by the media as “The Doom That Goes Boom”, and subbed by the foreign media as “El Hombre Mal” undertook an overarching plan to bomb stuff, to make sure people read his steampunk grimdark pieces. But this isn’t a review of “The End of the New Beginning: The Finale”. I don’t do reviews. Not even of that recent unearthed gem (metaphorically unearthed), the music collection “Moonlight Sinatra”. This is of course the “fan”-tastic collection (for fans only, it’s not great) where Sinatra sings Beethoven’s greatest hits. Ode to Joy was a stand out.  But back to the Unabomber.

Despite his name, he did not bomb just once, but multiple times. This begs the question why he isn’t called the tres-bomber, given that he sent out three bombs. The bomber wasn’t always a bomber though. He used to be a guy named Ted, a man whose genius inspired the idea of Ted Talks, probably.

One Ted video I recently watched, titled “How to Have Better Political Conversations”, specifically mentions that bombing people is not conducive to good conversation, an interesting change in public opinion since the time of the Unabomber (I think. I wasn’t alive back then so everything I say is pretty much an educated guess). The guy giving the talk, talked about guys talking about guys (politicians), whose job it is to talk about guys (or girls) under the guise of our guys’ interest. You confused yet? Good. Politics ain’t no place for no dandy like you. But anyways, back to the Unabomber- food truck connection.

What do people do when they are afraid? They eat, usually, though certain people haven’t. This is of course due to the fear induced glaucoma that ravaged their eyes, leading them to the unfortunate pathway of a moving truck. Speaking of trucks, food trucks. And speaking of food trucks is something I do frequently, often in blog form. Think of how many people you saw eating at the horror film The Invasion of the Body Snatchers, the old movie from the 50s (?). This is despite the fact that theater employees had to use frying pans with cobbed corn in order to make a popcorn order, and Coca Cola back then was made with real cocoa or whatever the story was.  But I digress.

The Unabomber’s actions made many people afraid, similar to what that Zodiac guy did, except with better spelling. With millions of people living in a constant fear of mail (this was after Son of Sam, probably, so people were already wary of mail), they were hungry. Hungry, afraid people love two things: food, and trucks (though not mail trucks. Definitely not those). Food satisfies their desire to eat, and trucks make them feel safe. Put the two together and you have a booming industry. Wherever Ted is now, we thank you.


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