Free Association

Ed Ipus, Psychoanalyst
Hey everybody. The name is Ed, as you probably read, in the text placed above, overhead. I’m a psychoanalyst by trade (was originally a chemist but swapped degrees with my neighbor). Psychoanalysis was invented in the early 1900s. Psychoanalysis is fatherly well known,  so I’m assuming most of you probably are familiar with free association. It is the psychoanalytical technique of saying a word and then saying more words. Previously psychologists had just sat there in uncomfortable silence with their patience, or done something with ink. 

After the horrific inkcident that left thirteen dead (a man got ink on his shirt and it went downhill from there), this new technique came at just the right time for eagerly awaiting psychologists. This idea of getting the patient to talk proved groundbreaking, launching the careers of many. Of particular note is Lou Crian, a former musician known for only writing in one scale. He know leads group therapy for traumatized amputees, going out on a limb for them so they don’t.   

There is also the daring psych duo Sigmund and Freud, who used this technique to deal with traumatized animals. They would take them out on stage and would communicate with the animals by speaking words. The animals would then perform tricks to satisfy the audience. This lamb bit gambit proved very popular with people who liked animals and tricks. The act involved a lamb shearing itself in front of it’s disapproving parents, then curling up in a ball atop it’s wool and moaning. The interest in the free association technique quickly developed, and in order to protect it, naturally a secret society was started. Please keep this between us, btw. 

The society, called the Free Association, was founded by the then elderly Carl Jung. This powerful technique had the influence to persuade world leaders to say things and then more things that could destabilize entire previously stable things. As famous Free Association mantra goes, “only the good die” – Jung. As such, the organization won’t rest until the evil in the world is extinguished. Those who seek to use free association for harm will pay a steep cost. 

One well known example is Will Noun, a dastardly guy who did something I can’t recall at the mother. I think it involved something with manipulating a search engine through specific queries, causing it to suffer a mental collapse. I’d love to say more but I can’t think of anything else. 

Thank you Ed…. all of this is very interesting. That’s all the time we have for today.


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