The Ordeal of Gril Firs

So you probably all remember famed didgeridoo player Gril Firs, from that other post I did, the one about didgeridoos. I know I remember, that’s why I’m writing about his Ordeal. I know some of you probably think I’m talking about that rapscallion from the MCU Magellan movie. His first mate (capably voiced by Josh Hutchinson’s voice) was named after Gril, an homage done by some clear music aficionados working at Marvel Studios incorporated at Disney Studios Global.

 Magellan is an inspiration to imperialists everywhere (they’ve been busy).  He is, however, not actually in a Marvel movie. You’ve been got. Try to keep up. If you want a list of Marvel movies I’d suggest watching, try Captain America: Wintry Soldier or the quirky wunderkind Guardians of a Galaxy. But yeah back to Girls super crazy Ordeal…

So the Ordeal of Gril Firs. Where to begin? Can it even be begun? I suppose we’ll find out. Y’all probably think of Firs as a pretty cautious man. His friends from college even used to call him “Safety Firs” (wish I thought of this one). You may also think of Gril Firs as a reckless man with no regard for self-preservation. Both are right I guess.

Now when you think of the word Ordeal (which is why you are so here, to listen to this never before story about his notoriously private life), you probably think of the classic myth of Gilgamesh or the epics of Homer (depending on which can say a lot about your personality, which will be explained in a later blog post, probably. This was unrelated to Grils’ Ordeal, which I can guarantee is  about to come up). Actually the word ordeal here is used as it is commonly used, thus describing the situation of Gril Firs in an accurate manner as it happened in real life. The word fits so well together with the other surrounding words, it’s like a well oiled jenga tower. But not the jenga tower where people only go for the middle blocks and refuse to pull the ones on the sides out cause the tower is wobbly. How you play jenga actually can determine a lot about your preference in ancient literary epics,  which will be discussed in a blog post in the future, probably. 

But I digress. Let’s talk about Gril Firs, the man, the myth, the didgeridoo maestro.  He is a myth of a man, who had many adventures with him and his trusty didgeridoo. He also enjoyed eating a large variety of spices, such is life. But yeah, back to his ordeal. It was pretty crazy…so many Rambo like things happened that you’d have to watch Rambo to find something similar to this. Also the movie Cliffhanger was another classic, and Predators with Adrien Brody. But yeah….The Ordeal…of a wonderful, well man .

Ok fine, I can’t remember the wacky ordeal the man went through. I’m sorry. The only ordeal is the struggle to go read this baloney. Sorry guys. Next time you get the urge to go on this blog, watch Rambo instead. 


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