The Breaks 


So anyone who follows this blog knows the lengthy gaps in between posts.


And also between paragraphs.

Luckily we are fixing that.


Well we’re trying to at least. We thought we owed you all a short explanation of our long breaks. We just want to let you know it’s not any of you guys’ fault. We still love you all equally, even if we can’t fix what we created. That being said not all of you are off scot-free, especially not Scott Free, who interned at our camp (fyi classes are offered every other Halloween, we’ll explain the right time when to use parentheses). We know you didn’t hang up the flyers, Scott, we saw them in the paper shredder. And we saw our precious paper shredder in the dumpster catty-corner to us. We also know you mixed normal trash with recycling. The dumpster never lies.

But for everyone else this isn’t about you at all. What this is really about is two tortured artists struggling to find an audience, and me and Nicolo struggling to write posts and torture artists with our busy schedule. We’ve been getting better over time and learning a lot (you’ll never guess what Nics originally thought waterboarding was! Needless to say it’s not as fit for a summer beach as he initially thought). We are working to apply this knowledge to our blog so you can all get electro-shocked, sorry, so you can all get more frequent blog posts.

And I guess it’s only fair to fill you in on all the cool things we’ve been doing in the time since our last post. Where to begin though, that’s the real question; there’s just so much. So this one time Nicolo bought a box of Teddy Grahams (chocolate chip of course) and found three grahams stuck together. Well technically it was two but a third was pulled up out of the box riding the top two like one of those carts people use to clean the outside of skyscrapers.


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