Attack on Titan, More like Attack on Good Anime


It’s become quite popular to hate on Attack on Titan, the criminally rated (yes, criminals are rating this show), anime from Japan. Anime, along with Toyota and Toyota’s younger brother Suzuki-san, is arguably one of the most popular exports from Japan. As it is arguable, like I have just mentioned last sentence, I choose to argue in favor of anime’s popularity. Anime (pronounced “onimeh”) is probably the last thing Japan has going for it after being rocked by tsunamis, fukushima, and a bad economy (this isn’t a joke, it’s actually very unfortunate). But really, I haven’t seen something in Japan blow up to this extent in a while. It seems like onimeh must be in its prime right now.

Oh wait! It isn’t!!

Current anime Attack on Titan is a hugely popular show at the moment (emphasis on huge, you’ll get it if you’ve seen the show). The show is considered a “Titan” in the anime world (another show reference, fans will get it). Yet now people are “attacking” this show (the reference might be too obscure, true fans comment if you figure it out), yet for all the wrong reasons.  They don’t understand the inherent racism and offensiveness of the show itself.

It’s clear that Titans, with their red skin and cannibalism, were made to represent American Indians. Eren, the main character, along with the other Titan killers in the show, kill the titans by cutting out a piece of their neck. The next is right below the scalp, which American Indians would sometime remove. By having the white man successfully scalp the neck of the Titans, Japan is laughing at the plight of American Indians and the tribulations their tribe nations have gone through.

Furthermore, Titans are not made to just represent the American Indians, but also the obese. Titan after all is slang in Japan for a sizeable amount of fat in the shape of a human body. Japan here isn’t condemning obesity, but rather the way people put their obesity to use. Sumo wrestlers, the fational pride of Japan, use their copious amounts of lard for the entertainment of thin people, as it should be. Imagine a roman gladiatorial fight with diabetes thrown in to the mix. Many Japanese people would not only nod once in approval but also clap reservedly, possibly even slightly bowing in excitement. But when an overweight person rises up and eats the healthy population that is where Japan draw the line. They cannot deal with this level of insulince. This is exactly what happens in Attack on Titan, where Japan and their disdain for the “Titans” of the world is very clearly established.

This is why we cannot watch such an offensive, hateful show.

Also, it is badly written. It’s like if the writers don’t know what to say a character will yell Mikasa and hold it for ten seconds, or Eren will fantasize about committing genocide. Aye, yai, yai! Just because his mom is dead he thinks he can do whatever he wants. No thank you, sir. Or how about that Captain Levi fella. Just because he’s short he thinks he has free reign to do whatever he wants. Uh, I don’t think so! And then there’s Armin. Don’t even get me started about this punk. He thinks because he is blonde he is able to do whatever he wants. Um….no; yeesh! I could go on but I think it’s time for me to end my attack on Attack on Titan. I have stuff to do, like not be a shitty show.


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