How to Defeat Final Boss Xaodai


In anticipation of holiday season, we are offering a how to on the most popular video game of the year. If you are reading this I assume you own the game DeathCity and have already beaten the challenging boss TsuNazi before he made it “Die Tide.” As the game made it seem, you likely thought TsuNazi was the final boss. However, he is not, which is why I’m writing this article. There is one that comes after. He is the real one pushing the strings (classic reference to the final boss Venkilloquist from the prequel Darkness Cave, credit to fellow gamer friend GoatRider for thinking of it). As I’m sure you found out, Xaodai was the one who opened that dimensional portal to drain space of all its stars and usher in a new dark age. Xaodai accordingly recruiated (created and then recruited) Jen O’Cide, TsuNazi, and DieBorg to do his bidding. He also killed your parents (depending on what origin you select. Only applicable if you select the “dead parents” origin.)

Xaodai has the highest hit points in the game at 14 (an homage to Woodrow Wilson perhaps? I’ll let you decide). He also wields the sword, “The Sword of *Your* Death”. In his other hand he wields a lasso which he uses to round up big game animals to throw at you (“Looks like the cat is really out of the bag now” –Goatrider. Classic.) These are the weapons you have to deal with, now let’s talk about strategy.

  1. Collect all the spider babies in the downtown area, even the uneducated ones. During the intermission in the boss fight you can crush the together to form a giant spider to deal with the big game Xaodai throws at you. Beware though! If you opened up Xaodai’s petting zoo pen in Level 8, there will not be enough big game for the spider and it will come for you!!
  2. Level up bluffing to at least level 80. You can tell people in game it’s higher if you need to. With a high bluffing level you can convince the guard to Xaodai’s studio apartment that you guys are old college buddies from way back. You can still do this if you are above level 60 but the guard, Big Pig, won’t believe you when you say that you never experimented in college with another minotaur, which means he won’t give you the combo to your safe (Big Pig is homophobic).
  3. When you attack Xaodai, target the weak spots between his strong spots. This is a very effective strategy. The Trident of PoDiedon, the Sea God of Death, works particularly well. Make sure you dodge his big game that he throws at you, if they hit you you will lose 8 hit points (“the bigger they are, the harder they fall” – Goatrider, on point with comparing things from the game with well-known sayings).

These three strategies should be more than enough to defeat Xaodai, but for anyone still feeling unsure, I’ll go over my build for reference. Hopefully this helps you guys. If not, let me know and we’ll see if we can break it down a little further. Thanks!

Character Name: Ian McDanger

Origin: Unkilled Parents, but they were a little distant emotionally

Background: Impressionist Landscape

Philosophy: Existential

Level 88 Build:

Dealing with Awkward Situations: 19

Sleight of Hand: 73

Trivia Knowledge: 92

Subtlety: 69

Throwing: 39

Throwing Your Voice: 58

Bluffing: 89

Penmanship: 66

Running: 34

Running Without Shoes: 94

Fighting: 70

*The “your” is actually the name that you chose for your character


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